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Fuel Pumps

The ALPHA Heavy Duty Diesel Pump

The ALPHA heavy duty diesel/gasoil pump has a modern robust stainless steel cabinet. Available in two versions, one standard speed & one high speed. Both models are fully electronic so there are no levers, switches or knobs to worry about! Lockable nozzle holster to prevent unauthorised use.

Alpha Heavy Duty Diesel Pump

Cube Fuel Pumps

With Piusi Cube fuel pumps, vehicles can be refuelled quickly and safely, with various options for measuring and recording the quantities dispensed. The flow-meters mounted on Cube pumps have sturdy mechanical readout systems whose reliability and easiness to use have been proved by time. Simple and versatile, Cube pumps can also be installed on drums, thanks to their 2” quick couplings.

The PIUSI Cube 50

Performance Specifications

Technical Features

PIUSI Cube 50

The PIUSI Cube 70

The Cube 70 offers a new design and new performance specifications to satisfy those customers involved in the private distribution of diesel fuel who are looking for a product able to dispense fuel faster at an economical price.

CUBE 70 is a compact, light pump that allows refueling at flow rates up to 70 l/min under conditions of complete operator safety. Equipped with an easy to use, high-precision mechanical meter that can even be calibrated on-site. Its housing painted for exterior use with a stainless steel cover provides a nozzle holder with lever on-off switch and automatic pump turn-off.

CUBE 70 is extremely versatile and can be installed directly on a wall or to an existing structure with anchor screws or directly to the drum with a 2" quick connect.

CUBE 70 can also be integrated with a support base and column for attaching to the ground. The column can be used to house the suction tubing and the electric power cables.

Performance Specifications

Technical Features

PIUSI Cube 70

Fuel Management Systems

Fuel Management Systems provide users with high levels of security by only allowing authorised users to deliver fuel via either a pin number, a pre-programmed key or both.

In addition, software packs allow managers to monitor fuel usage very closely through computer reports etc. and most systems will record user, date, time, mileage and mpg. This nearly always results in fuel savings as each driver becomes responsible for their own fuel usage.


A compact diesel-fuel dispenser for low user fuel management, that is easy to install, ensures fast and precise dispensing and can only be used by qualified personnel.

PIUSI Cube 70

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A mid range system available as a full forecourt style design and a shorter "tank" version designed to fit onto the end of a diesel tank.


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A commercial pump can now supplied with an integral fuel control system based on PIN codes.

ALPHA with Pin Fuel Control

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Same as the Alpha heavy-duty diesel pump but fitted with Integral Fuel Management System.


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