Whitby Tanks

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Other Equipment

Tank Label Set

Tank identity label showing the type of fuel, the tank number & the safe working capacity.

Tank Label Kit

Oil Sponge

Designed for a quick & easy solution to spillage problems. Oil Sponge takes literally seconds to remove spills of Diesel, Gas Oil and many more chemicals, leaving a no slip surface in most circumstances.

Oil Sponge is a heavy powder made from reclaimed cotton fibres, pecan pith and millions of hydrocarbon eating microbes per bag. These microbes double every 20 minutes when active.

Oil Sponge encapsulates & prevents leaching of contaminated fluids up to saturation point. In simple terms, it turns oil into water vapours, carbon dioxide and fatty acids; it quickly reduces the volatility of flammable spills and is safe around agriculture and livestock.

Oil Sponge can be safely disposed of without the need for removal by registered agencies.

Oil Sponge

Overfill Valve

The valve helps to prevent overfilling of the fuel installation by the fuel supplier.

Overfill Valve