1 x 25 BBL Brewery - Computer Controlled

BREW 492


1 x 25 BBL Brewery, formerly George Wright Brewing Co. which was established in 2003 and produced popular ales such ‘Pipe Dream’ and ‘Cheeky Pheasant’. The brewery won many local and regional awards. The brewery is completely computer controlled and consists of the following main items of equipment:

1 x 5,000 litre cold water tank

1 x 6,000 litre hot water tank

1 x Alan Ruddick Two Roll Mill

1 x Caustic Recovery Vessel

1 x 25bbl Mash Tun

1 x 25bbl Kettle

2 x 28bbl Fermenters

1 x 30bbl Uni-tank

2 x 50bbl horizontal storage tanks

2 x 10bbl fermenters

2 x 5bbl conditioning tanks

5 x 2.5bbl conditioning tanks

1 x Fulton Steam Boiler

1 x CIP Skid

Various heat exchangers, pumps, valves and pipework.