2,000 Litre Stainless Steel Jacketed Contra Rotating Mixing Tank



1 no. 2,000 litres Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank with scraped surface and contra-rotating Mixer.

Vertical, cylindrical with dished base and dished bolted top

Design code BS5500 Cat 3, vessel design pressure 1.1 bar/FV, jacket design pressure 3.3 bar.  Design temperature 147 deg C, test pressure 1.7 bat, test pressure of jacket 4.3 bar.

The contra-rotating mixer is driven by a variable speed 10kw / 15kw electric motor. The scraped surface mixer is driven by variable 7.5kw electric motor

Tank is steam jacketed and insulated in stainless steel.

Previously used to mix gel products

Dimensions 1800mm internal diameter, 2100mm height, 4250mm overall height