6,000 litre Stainless Steel Bolz Mixer



6000 litre 304 stainless steel (1.4301) conical/cooker.

Built by Bolz-Summix, 2008. Type SF-600-MJB.

Design data: design temp 0-120 degree C, , operational temp - 15 - 105 deg C, atmospheric. Design pressure - possibly +/- 30mbar.

Mixer/cooker drive type MJB13, screw: 18.5kw motor, orbit arm: 1.5kw motor, 3ph/415v/50hz.

Mixer/cooker is complete with a 350mm product discharge valve.

Previously used in the food industry.

Condition: Used

Dimensions: External 2830mm diameter, 5446mm overall height.

Capacity: 6000 litres