Coperion K-Tron Batch Weigh Vacuum Receiver


1 off Vacuum Conveyor, built by Coperion K-Tron, 2018, 316 stainless steel. Supported in a steel frame and sat on 3 load cells. Fitted with a 200mm bottom butterfly valve.
Designed to convey powders, pellet or granules.


Coperion K-Tron Batch Weigh Vacuum Receiver, manufactured by Coperion K-Tron (Schweiz) Gmbh, 2018, Type Special Receiver. Identity no. 1703873/M-M739490. P220 Vacuum Receiver, 220 Litre capacity, with integral reverse jet filter. Material of construction 316L stainless steel (electropolished). The vacuum receiver is mounted on a steel coated weight frame with three Applied Weighing load cells. It is fitted with a bottom Warex butterfly discharge valve, type DKZ110/DN200. Overall dimensions 2610mm H x 1460mm W x 1090mm D. The conveyor/weigher package combines a vacuum receiver with a reliable weighing system. Coperion K-tron vacuum sequencing receivers are designed to handle powders, pellets or granular materials. The modular design allows flexibility to meet your vacuum conveying needs.  This vacuum receiver has never been used.